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Our Approach

Sustainable results start with clearly defined goals.

We ask the right questions, but we’re even better listeners.

For over 10 years, asking the right questions has been the foundation for our intelligent four-phased systematic approach.  We look at all aspects of online marketing; lead gen, new customer acquisition, sales retention and business development. We focus on identifying gaps and opportunities to improve performance and scale revenues. The idea is to do all this without the expense of new hires and the ongoing hassle of training and management.

Take a moment to think about the questions you may already be asking yourself, and if any of these sound familiar, we should talk.

Battle-tested Holland Interactive methodologies for New Customer AcquisitionNew Channel Development and Affiliate Marketing (OPM) are the basis for sustainable new revenue streams.  Our Four-Phase process – Diagnose, Execute, Refine and Grow – is a systematic approach that succeeds by doing the right things for the right reasons at the right time.

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