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Our Work

Results are our priority.

We’re proud of our clients.

Prouder still of their success and of the role we’ve played in helping them get there and stay there.  Projects touch every conceivable aspect of digital marketing, branding and customer acquisition, spanning virtually every industry and niche in fiercely competitive markets. We couldn’t feel more at home.

Every project is launched with confidence, supported by the strategies and tools to ensure its success. Blending experience and expertise, the latest tools with best practices, and all executed with disciplined fundamentals. Despite their differences, there is a common thread: Results that are real, measurable and sustainable.


What our clients say.

bills.com logo We brought Rory on board to help us build a successful affiliate channel, something we’d not been able to do in the past, and he quickly delivered. In just a few months, Rory has developed a group of affiliate partners that have contributed a 200% increase in affiliate lead volume – immediate positive revenue impact. Rory allowed us to penetrate a very difficult market – quickly and effectively. He integrated himself easily in to our team culture and takes a very positive approach. He has a great network and makes helpful and thoughtful introductions to help other parts of our business. He is trustworthy, highly motivated and a great team player.Bottom line, Rory’s an experienced online marketing professional, and has had a significant and positive impact on our business. I would highly recommend him to anyone (except our competitors of course).” – Ethan Ewing, President, Bills.com 


credit.com logo “Rory helped to double Credit.com’s publisher and affiliate revenue in his first 18 months on the job. He understands customer acquisitions on both an experiential and gut level. In addition to his many years of experience, he maintains a level of creativity, exuberance and optimism that makes him a tremendous team builder.”– Ian Cohen, CEO, Credit.com


depositaccounts logo “DepositAccounts.com has had an excellent experience working with Rory Holland. Because of his experience and relationships in the digital media industry, Rory was able to understand and appreciate the business’s unique value centers and clearly communicate that value proposition to some of the top advertising agencies and direct advertisers in its sector (financial services). As a result, the company’s top-line revenue has increased by more than 100% in the first seven months of its relationship with Rory, and it now has positive and expanding relationships with several key direct advertisers.“In addition to the financial value that Rory has created for the company, he has also been a pleasure to work with throughout the process. I commend him to any digital media business seeking an experienced and proven business development partner to drive additional revenue and key advertising and partnership relationships.”Frank Dixon, CEO, DepositAccounts.com 


 GradeMyAdvisor.com “Our team had a broad skill set with one glaring hole – marketing. We interviewed half a dozen companies to lead that effort. Rory and Holland Interactive were our target hire from the first round and we have been well rewarded. Given an aggressive schedule, Rory helped to quickly design our identity and website, refine our initial product offering and craft a solid go-to market strategy. He’s completed his deliverables on time and under budget. The single best quality Rory brought to our team was a structured approach to marketing that helped each of us understand exactly where Rory’s plan was headed, what was expected of us, and where we were on his project time-line. Rory’s approach not only calmed the nerves of my team, but also that of our investors. It can’t be easy coming onto a team that has been working on a project for years but Rory has quickly earned the respect of all team members for his skill, experience, and professionalism.” – Norman Pappous, Founder & CEO



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If you’re an established or up and coming advertiser, publisher or technology provider with an interest in expanding your online business we’d like to talk with you. To learn more about our online marketing and business development services and the benefits of working with Holland Interactive, contact us today.

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